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Creating Sales Funnels, The What and Why

Sales Funnels are, in my opinion, one of the most under rated and least discussed pieces of the marketing puzzle.

No matter what your product or service is, having great sales funnels can take your sales from zero to hero.

Made simple, sales funnels are the path that your site visitors will follow as they go through the site to check out. Ideally, they find your site, love your product and type in their card info but the reality is that it;s a lot of work to create a sales funnel that automatically fills the consumer with the overwhelming desire to purchase.

The Four Stages (AIDA)

Awareness - This is when the consumer has become aware of your business, maybe they saw you on Facebook or Google.

Interest - This is the stage where consumers begin comparing products to your competitors. They are doing research and becoming more educated on the product or service they are buying.

Decision - This is when the customer is ready to buy. They may still be considering two or three options, and hopefully your business is in there. It's time to strike while the iron's hot and give them your best offer. Maybe it's free shipping, maybe it's a limited time discount or a free product.

Action - This is the very bottom of the funnel and it's when the customer purchases. The whole point here is to ensure that you are doing everything to turn this one purchase into 10. Customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition.

How Can My Business Make Use Of This?

Understanding this means that you can begin to gear your digital marketing to convince your customers to purchase.

By leading with a great Facebook Ad campaign you can drive people to your site. Here, a pop up can collect email addresses and collect leads for your business. Once you have these emails you can begin to send out emails with educational information about your product and niche. After a few weeks, you offer a 10% discount on your product and, BOOM! You're selling.

This process addresses all the stages of the funnel and guides the consumer to action.

It takes time to test your marketing process but whittling it down and creating good sales funnels can have a massive impact on sales revenue.

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