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"Social Media Marketing Doesn't Work For Us..."

Updated: Jun 10, 2019


This is such a common misconception. Paid Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective advertising mediums out there. Not only does it enable businesses to micro target their audience but it also allows you to reach thousands of people who are interested in your product or service, for minimal ad spend.

Let's take a car sale as an example.

The first scenario, you publish a social media ad where you can target people who have an interest in the brand, are looking for a new vehicle, are in your area and have the income to pay the instalments. Not only this but you can track how many people engaged with the ad and create a direct line of communication and sales funnel.

In the second scenario you spend thousands on a billboard in the city where only a fraction of the people who see your billboard are actually going to fit your target market, even fewer are going to pay attention and you have no way of tracking the ROI.

Every successful business needs a mix of marketing to support their sales, however many businesses are either overlooking Social Media Advertising or are spending money on incorrectly targeted ads and then writing it off. Change is scary, but embracing social media advertising can give your business an incredible advantage over your competitors.

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